Frequently Asked Questions

What is Las Vegas Bail Bonds?

Q.) What is a bail bond?
A.) A Las Vegas Bail Bond is like a check written to the court that is not cashed as long as the defendant appears in court.
Q.) How much does it cost to Bail someone out ?
A.) In the State of Nevada all Bonds cost 15% of the bond amount (for example:if the bond is 10,000 then the premium (cost) would be $1500.00 )
Q.) Can anyone bail out?
A.) If the court grants a bail, then yes.
Q.) Is collateral required?
A.) Collateral is only needed on rare occasions, most bond sare signatures. (meaning someone with local ties, a good job history etc.
would cosign (indemnify) for the bond amount. The 15% would be all that is paid.)
Q.) What is the cosigner responsible for?
A.) The cosigner takes full responsibility for the defendant’s perfect attendance at his court dates.
Q.) What if the defendant misses court ? What happens to the cosigner?
A.) If the defendant just forgot, he can come to the office and get a motion to quash the warrant. If the defendant has an attorney he can ask his attorney to put in a motion for him. If he does not take care of the warrant in a timely manner then the bounty hunters return him to the custody of the court and the Cosigner is responsible for all the fees.If the defendant is abducted by aliens and cannot be found the cosigner must pay the full amount of the bonds plus all warrant/ court fees.
Q.) What if the Defendant makes all his court dates is the 15% refundable ?
A.) No it is not, It is a Nevada State Law 697.300a that Bail Bonds can cost no more or no less than 15% and the premium is non-refundable
Q.) Do I have to come into to the office to post a Bond ?
A.) If you are a qualified cosigner we can take care of everything by phone and Fax. Our online bail bonds forms are in PDF format. Just click the link above.
Q.) If I do put up cash collateral, when does it get returned to me?
A.) Collateral is returned on the 15th and 1st of every month after the Bond is released (exonerated) by the court and it is sent back to our office. (sometimes the court takes a while to return the bond, you can call or email us anytime to inquire about an exoneration or collateral return)
Q.) Why do I have to give my social security number ?
A.) A Las Vegas bail bonds is a loan. The insurance company requires a social security number to approve the loans all information is confidential.



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